Onsite Dental makes it easy and cost-neutral for Irish workplaces to offer their employees dental services at the workplace. We help improve the general health of the workforce so they can be productive during the workday and achieve work-life balance. Onsite Dental adds to an ever expanding array of health initiatives to your valued employees. This also creates a single management across all health services.

Benefits to the workplace

Improve overall health through preventative dental care checkups – Attract & retain valuable employees – Work-Life Balance Initiative – Increase productivity and reduce unplanned & incidental absenteeism – Dental care applies to 100% of workforce thus increasing benefit return on investment.

How does it work?

Onsite Dental cooperates with a dentist, delivering a high quality service. Onsite Dental offers preventative and minor restorative services. It fits into both the schedule of the workplace and the individual employee. Onsite Dental can be offered at a cost-neutral basis for the workplaces whereby there is no establishment fee, and the individual employees simply pay on a per-treatment basis. Also, Onsite Dental will offer customizable solutions that are flexible. Dental plans can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the workplace and its employees.